New Year Intentions

The New Year is almost upon as and personally its an exciting time for me with the launch of my new website, app and a fresh business name and logo.  Heartland Equine Experiences has evolved from my first business concept (Rafa Life Inward Journey’s) and it is with fondness and gratitude I farewell Rafa and embrace the future.  I am grateful for the clearer intention and services I wish to offer in my business at this time of year in particular, for it is the time to start anew a we shed the Old Year.  I know that many people are busy celebrating, partying, setting New Year’s resolutions and reflecting on the Old Year.  Today, I have found myself ruminating on the difference between New Year’s Resolutions and New Year Intentions.  I have an aversion to New Year’s Resolutions, as they often fail to be actualized and leave me feeling discouraged and disappointed.  New Year Intentions are more of a theme on which to set a foundation for the year ahead.  For instance, tonight I was invited to celebrate at a couple of different parties.  My authentic self did not wish to attend any of them, but I did not realize why until I was riding my horse Sally earlier this morning. I don’t want to be even slightly hung over on the first day of the New Year.  I want the first day of the New Year to set an intention, through experiences that will become memories, of what I want to create more of in my life during 2018.  So, that means I will be having an early night, waking up with the sunrise to take my dogs for a long walk by the river in the coolness of the Australian summer morning.  Then, I will join some friends for a ride on our horses before we enjoy morning tea together.  In the afternoon, I will be spending most of my time working on the manuscript for my second book “Heart Awakenings – Blessings from Grief and Loss”.  These activities make me happy, they enrich me, and they are what I want to experience more of during the New Year.  However you choose to mark the arrival of the New Year, I hope that you will satisfy the authentic longings of your heart and celebrate with joy.