I share my stories because I want people to know they are not alone, that other people have walked a similar path.  For anyone who finds my stories have resonance I hope that my suffering, insights and successes will inspire, uplift and encourage.

I believe that storytelling is experiential learning at its most fundamental level.  A story teller will, in simple language and with honest reflection, share their experiences with others.  The storyteller has no control on how others will react or relate to their story.  Each listener will draw their own conclusions and meaning from the story in relation to where they are at in life and what issues, challenges and experiences they are faced with.

Anthropologists have always known that storytelling is a widespread feature of every country and every culture, but for most of the 20th Century the value of storytelling has been diminished. People in western society have become obsessed with systematic approaches to life where logical thinking is all that matters and storytelling is often seen as either childish or irrelevant.

I find this immensely sad because storytelling engages people at every level – not just with their minds but also their emotions, values and imagination.  Without stories to inspire and teach us, we often repeat the same negative cycles and mistakes that could be avoided if we helped each other by sharing our authentic successes and our authentic losses. My life has been enriched by the handful of individuals I have known who were savagely honest with themselves and who were willing to share their life experiences, their stories, with me.

In writing my first book, I originally intended to write the story of my mare Sophie who was rescued from near death on a severely drought stricken station (cattle farm) in Western Australia. As is often the case however, the story took a different form, one that required me to share personal details about my own life in order to convey why “Sophie’s story” was so profound. This was done to help others facing similar life experiences and challenges. I had to be willing to share my story to make it real and therefore valuable to others. That book was published as “Horses, Heartache and Healing”.

I currently have 2 other manuscripts in various stages of readiness for publishing.  I continue to share my stories because I want people to know they are not alone, that other people have walked a similar path. I hope that my stories will help others find their voice, and the confidence to share their own stories, either verbally or in writing.

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