Equine Bodywork

Regular body work is as important for horses as it for humans.  The Heartland Herd receive regular body work in the form of Equine Touch (ET), stretching and intuitive massage. 

Equine Touch is a modality that involves gentle, hands on movements using finger and thumb. The modality is based on the Vibrational Harmonization Technique.  The movements are performed in a specific sequence over the physical body, and key acupressure points. The energy releasing moves stretch and softly manipulate the tissues to assist the horse to relax, release tension and naturally rebalance. The modality also helps with detoxification and lymphatic drainage.  I have studied Equine Touch (Level 1 and Level 2) and plan on completing Practitioner level. 

Intuitive massage, combined with equine essential oils and stretching are other body work services I provided to clients.  The Equine Raindrop Technique (a specific equine essential oil protocol) involves specific effleurage movements such as the spinal tissue pull as well as energizing motion known as vita flex and feather stroking.

The benefits of equine body work are significant and include:

  • Helps to Prevent Injury – As horses are ridden, they are often exercised to building up muscle. This is done when many small tears are made in the muscle fibers during exercise, which are then repaired with scar tissue over the next couple days. Massage helps to break down the scar tissue, allowing muscles to be elastic and flexible. Well moving muscles without tension help keep joints aligned and put less stress on tendons, reducing wear and tear. Even horses who are not ridden, but live and play in herds, will benefit from injury prevention.
  • Assist to Improve Circulation – Body work dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow to the area. Increased circulation can help speed recovery of injured muscle tissues and restore mobility.
  • Increases Range of Motion – Between stretching tissues, improving muscle tone and lowering stiffness and swelling, equine body work can expand a horse’s range of motion, allowing them to become more effective under saddle.
  • Reduces Stress – Horses experience stress and anxiety just like we do, and body work relaxes them just as it does us. When muscles are rubbed, there is a sedative effect on the nervous system, which helps with relaxation and supports the horse’s mental, emotional, energetic and physical wellbeing.
  • Maintains Homeostasis – Body work helps the body maintain or return to homeostasis. Through the effects on the circulatory, lymphatic and other systems, massage leaves the body in a better position to maintain homeostasis, or its ability to regulate its inner environment.

I am a member of the Equine Therapies Association of Australia.  I provide body work sessions at a cost of $75 per horse and a travel fee may also apply.