Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used by health care practitioners through the ages for thousands of years. They can support a horse recover from physical, energetic, emotional and mental trauma. I work intuitively with essential oils and body work, following the principles of zoopharmacognosy (self-selection) as well as following specific protocols (equine raindrop technique and emotional balancing technique) when working horses. I use essential oils and body work frequently on the Heartland Herd to support them as they support my clients and me through equine experiential learning. I also work with client horses and offer training in the equine raindrop technique.

Essential oils are subtle, aromatic and volatile liquids extracted from the flowers, seeds, leaves, stems, bark and roots of herbs, bushes, shrubs, fruit and trees. Essential oils retain the life force of the plants of the plants because they are not dried. This means, if oils are produced properly, have an energetic vibrational impact which helps resolve and balance emotional imbalances which often underpin disease.

There are between 80 and 300+ chemical constituents in any essential oil. This varies in each oil every season due to environmental conditions affecting harvest. This is nature’s way of ensuring micro-organisms do not become resistant to the defensive power of essential oils.

Equine Raindrop Technique

Essential oils carry oxygen and are natural chelators (they can bind to toxins such as heavy metals and other pollutants and remove them). All oils have the ability to powerfully resist bacteria, viruses and inflammation but they also have unique properties. For example, Cypress is a wonderful blood circulator; marjoram is a wonderful muscle relaxant while wintergreen is a powerful pain reliever.

Oils are lipophilic which means they dissolve easily in lipids to allow for penetration into membranes. This means oils can reach every cell in the body within 20 – 30 minutes carrying oxygen and nutrients. Not all oils labeled “pure” or “100%” are in fact pure essential oils. Due to marketing laws a bottle

may only contain small percent of essential oil. So long as that percent of oil is “pure” the rest of the bottle can be topped up with solvents and other fillers. I recommend the Young Living range of essential oils because of their commitment to producing pure, quality oils without any fillers. Every plant species can have several different chemotypes based on chemical composition. A chemotype is a variety of the same species of plant. In order for the essential oil therapy to be effective there must be a consistent selection of the chemotype to produce each essential oil used in the modality. Some oil producers will utilize different chemotypes depending on seasonal availability. This does not provide consistency. Young Living retains the chemotype consistency in its essential oil production to ensure the oil and the modality delivers the maximum benefit. . I am not in the business of ‘selling’ essential oils. I use these specific oils because of their consistency, quality and effectiveness in my healing work.

Essential Oil Protocols

The Equine Raindrop Technique (ERT) is a non-diagnostic modality that uses a combination of essential oils and effleurage to bring electrical balance and structural alignment to the horse’s body. This modality uses approximately 9 different oils and body work to support the horse’s overall health and wellbeing.

The ERT can be used with a variety of equine body work modalities or as a stand-alone modality.

The Raindrop Technique (RT)was developed by naturopath Gary Young, ND a world renowned expert in the field of therapeutic grade essential oils. After a veterinarian, Dr Heather Mack, observed Gary perform an RT on a woman who measured 0.5 of an inch taller after the session, Dr Mack decided to modify to modify the procedure for horses, thus beginning the ERT. Over time different equine body workers, equine podiatherapists and vets have further adapted the ERT. To learn more about the ERT (including how to train in this modality) please visit my separate website The Equine Raindrop Technique.

The Emotional Balancing Technique (EBT) is a similar protocol to the ERT however it uses oil blends specifically designed to facilitate the release and balance of emotional energy retained in the body on a cellular level. Traumatic experiences, ideas and related emotions can become recorded on the brain, locked into memories and stored at a cellular level. The EBT (also designed by Gary Young who developed the range of oils that best support emotional healing) helps to balance, release and heal unprocessed emotions, ancestral trauma and pain. The technique is based on an Egyptian ritual called “Cleansing the Flesh and Blood of Evil Deities” which was found in the Temple of Isis on the island of Philae.

I am a member of the Equine Therapies Association of Australia and offer ERT and EBT sessions at a fee of $75 per horse.  Travel fees may also apply.