Heart Circle

Heart Circle is a unique way of interacting in a group dynamic to support circle members. The Heartland Heart Circle model is based on the Tej Steiner approach to Heart Circle work and built on the 5 Ways of Being. Heart Circle is an approach to conscious change by bringing heart space into presence. Heart Circle is an intentional social environment where members come together with the intent of loving, caring and supporting each other without a focus on fixing issues or solving problems. Heart Circle work is based on acceptance of the truth that a key purpose to life is to come into a state of loving acceptance. The purpose of Heart Circle is to explore being together – not doing!  It is supporting each other to be more conscious, joyful, awake and creative.

The 5 Ways of Being that underpin Heart Circle are:

1. Heart Circle is based on exploring our individual purpose.  Who am I here to be? Soloutions are not actively offered or sought, support is offered to encourage members to “be” with the question and explore what comes up. Be clear.

2. Heart Circle is non-directive.  Members learn to love the “critical voice” and the “not knowing”.  Practicing of, and supporting each other, to watch thoughts without getting caught up in them. Be present.

3. Heart Circle creates a container to deal with emotional states of being.  Members show up fully in their feelings, but without being caught up in the trauma field. Be real.

4. Heart Circle brings us out of the myth of separation.  Members connect with their own bodies, each other, with love.  Separation limits focus to safety and survival.  Connection expands conscious experience and interaction with life. Be connected.

5. Heart Circle doesn’t seek to control, but to explore, with excitement “what happens next?” and to move beyond limitation into intentional creation.                     Be heart directed.

A Heart Circle can be held either virtually (online using Zoom) or in person.  A group of 4 – 6 participants is required. I can assist you to join a Circle, or guide you in the establishment of a Circle with a group of your friends, family or colleagues. The cost of establishing a Heart Circle is $400 per participant, for 8 weeks (1 session of Heart Circle per week lasts 1.5 hours).