Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Guest speakers play an important role at an event because they convey a compelling message that will be imprinted in the minds and hearts of those in attendance. I am always honoured to be invited to speak at an event.

As a life coach, author, former President of a Charity that was involved in rescuing Australian Brumbies (wild horses), as well as a local government and community development professional I am often invited as a motivational guest speaker at conferences, gatherings, writing festivals and other forums.

My approach to public speaking engagements is to tell a story.  As a published author, I am acutely aware of the power of personal stories and shared experiences to create connection.  I tailor each presentation to the requirements (purpose) of the event.

Links to a radio interview and forum presentation I have conducted are provided below.

My speaking fee and allowances vary depending on the nature of the engagement.

If you would like discuss this service more, please call me on 0402-432-968.