who both Services

I offer a range of services through Heartland Equine Experiences.  Some services are for people, and others are for horses.  All services are aimed at improving the health, wellbeing and happiness of the client (human or horse).  Human services are focused on healing, growing and creating a fulfilling life.  

Equine services are focused on supporting horses to experience the best quality of life possible and focus on energetic, emotional, mental and physical re-alignment.

I operate my business from my own property (Heartland) where i live with my Mum, six horses and a little dog called Benji.   In 2018, after a long battle with mental illness, my brother Simon passed away after taking his own life.  I have taken 2 years to heal and adjust to that loss and have now returned to offering services to people as I feel I have healed enough and have capacity help others.  During that time, I also said goodbye to my beautiful hounds, Topaz and Daisy who shared this life journey with me for 14 years.  It has been a time of loss and adjustment on many levels for me personally.  I hope that the experiences will add depth and value to my service delivery to my clients. Especially in 2020 as we face the he impact of the COVID-19 pandemic which has had a significant impact on the lives, health and well being of everyone I know.  I aim to help adjust to challenges and changing circumstances in uncertain times.