Equine Services

I offer a range of services through Heartland Equine Experiences.  Some services are for people, and others are for horses.  All services are aimed at improving the health, wellbeing and happiness of the client (human or horse).  Human services are focused on healing, growing and creating a fulfilling life.  

Equine services are focused on supporting horses to experience the best quality of life possible and focus on energetic, emotional, mental and physical re-alignment.

I am fortunate to operate my business in various locations in the south west of Western Australia. This includes Equi Balance an agistment, spelling and rehabilitation property approximately 10km south of Bridgetown and Wadi Farm Equine Learning Centre in, 15km south-east of Nannup.  

I have lived in Bridgetown since 2008 along with my two whippets Daisy and Topaz and operate my business from my home office on Hampton Street.