Skye will challenge you to listen, to be mindful and aware of your immediate surrounds and the impact your interactions have on those around you.

When I started my business it was originally called Rafa Life Inward Journey’s.  When the foals were born, I registered the Australian Waler Horse Breed stud prefix “Rafa” (which is Arabic in origin and in Hebrew references well-being and prosperity). Both foals I have bred have been registered with the Waler society under this prefix. Rafa Skye was born to Lilly in 2012, sired by a stunning, gentle Percheron stallion. Skye is a big, loving, strong personality who absolutely adores client work in equine experiential learning sessions and interacting with visitors in general. Skye lives at Wadi Farm Equine Learning Centre with her ‘family’. Her training is ongoing and she will continue to be trained to saddle and possibly cart.

Skye will challenge clients to listen, to be mindful and aware of their immediate surrounds and interactions with her. Skye will also challenge clients to set boundaries and be mindful of personal safe and healthy relationship parameters.